Friday, June 27, 2014

Fuel100 Electro-Bites

I’m super excited to be a Fuel100 Ambassador this year!  They are a truly innovative company that makes an awesome and unique fueling product for athletes called Electro-Bites.  There is nothing else like them on the market.  They are a salty, 100 calorie alternative to gels that literally dissolve in your mouth.  For me, I find that Electro-Bites are a great complement to gels and also work well in the late stages of an ultra when the thought of putting down another gel makes you want to puke.    
The main ingredients are potato starch and coconut oil.  

Get a few packs and give them a try.  Once you’ve tried them, I think Electro-Bites will likely make their way into your training and racing nutrition plans. 

They are going to be part of my fueling at the 2014 Hardrock100 in in a few weeks.  I post a full review sometime after that.