Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Summer Running

I've spent the summer mostly just running in the mountains and getting ready for the Superior 100 in September. Besides a few local bandit races, the only race I've done this summer was Squaw Peak 50. I put in a good effort there - I felt steady all day and managed to put down 3+ miles of 6:45ish pace at the end to finish in 3rd place.

Thanks to Fuel 100 Electro-Bites for an excellent alternative to sweet fueling options. Electro-Bites are my go to calorie source for both training and racing. They have 2 new flavors coming out - Zesty Ginger and Cocao. I've tried the Zesty Ginger and it has become my new favorite (along with Salty Vinegar). It's very similar to a slightly salty ginger snap. The ginger flavor is fairly mild and not overpowering. I can't say much about the  Cocao as chocolate doesn't agree with my palate.

Thanks to Altra for shoes. The new Timp has quickly become my favorite shoe.

Here are photos from the past few months:

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